Fourth-year graduation assignment

  • Rijswijk, Netherlands

Fourth-year graduation assignment

Job description

The graduation internship is mainly focused on your own assignment that you largely carry out independently. This is often a study that results in a concept, prototype or advice. We always make sure that the graduation assignments are in line with our product so that the results of the assignment make a valuable contribution. It is important that you know what you want and proactively thinks along with us to create a good internship assignment. Here you will find some interesting assignments!

About Fonto

We are a 100% tech/product company based in Rijswijk and near to the Haagse Hogeschool. Our flagship is an online text-editor like Google Docs but then for a wide variety of diverse XML-schemes and their specific way of implementations. All sorts of companies like Toyota, BBC, Pearson, VMware, and various governments utilize our product.

Fonto is part of the well-known internet agency Liones, and we are sincerely proud of the fact that we have already guided over 40 students in the last 5 years. People are a family for each other: people take care of each other, and the same goes for the company. Within the company, there is no hierarchy nor a one-man show.

You will work closely with 2 designers, 15 developers, a couple project managers and, every now and then, with Martin – our Chief Merchandise Officer ;)

Perks & Benefits

  • We choose quality over quantity; we do product development, no projects.

  • An internship allowance of 450 euros.

  • A team of passionate people who genuinely care about what they do and the standard of work they produce.

  • Agile working; the best of kanban, scrum, common sense and healthy sense of reality based on decades of combined experience.

  • Opportunities to make a difference in a nimble, highly productive environment.

  • Tasty lunches with daily fresh bread and (almost) all the spreads that the AH delivers.

  • Fresh fruit, biscuits, chips and other snacks.

  • Weekly Friday afternoon drinks with music, beer / wine and frying for the enthusiast.

  • Free T-shirts and other merchandise.

  • Enjoy what you do everyday!


  • You can independently put together a mean website or webapp from scratch with a solid foundation in HTML and CSS.

  • You have some-to-awesome knowledge of JavaScript.

  • You are intrinsically motivated and have proven ambition for coding and programming, preferably shown in web-related side projects.

  • Crucially, you know how to turn all of your coding competencies into lucid code that both your coworkers and web browsers can understand.

  • Your high level English allows you to understand and communicate complex problems and ingenious solutions.